Dairy ingredients with an international reputation

"With our premium quality and reliable dairy ingredients we meet the needs of our customers. Our collaboration with these customers is an ongoing effort, as we are continuously looking into ways of improving."

Francis Relaes, Managing Director Milcobel Premium Ingredients

Milcobel Premium Ingredients puts the customer first.

Milcobel Premium Ingredients puts the customer first.

The consistent top quality of our premium dairy ingredients and our ambition to push the boundaries are a guarantee for the success of our customers. Growing alongside our customers by sharing knowledge and expertise as partners inspires strong synergies and sustainable future prospects.

Ingredient Cheese

Milcobel’s cheese history actually begins in 1964, with the production of cheddar. Twenty years later, mozzarella production kicks off, with ingredient cheese production being centralised in Langemark in 1995. Every year, over 60,000 tonnes of mozzarella roll off the production lines there. That makes Milcobel the European reference manufacturer for mozzarella par excellence.

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Milk Powder

In addition to full and skimmed milk powders we also produce ‘fat filled’ powders. Tailor-made, customer-specific dry blending formulations for the baby food industry are also part of our product portfolio. We also offer a full range of tins and sachets in consumer packaging, in addition to bulk and bulk packaging.


Depending on the season, Milcobel can supply summer or winter butter. We also offer sour, sweet, unsalted or salted butter. Our butter can be used for baking (viennoiserie) or the making of chocolate, cookies and other applications.

Good to know: our butter is a North-European butter with a slightly harder structure.


Our cream has many versatile applications in the food industry: ice cream manufacture, butter, cheese, ready meals, etc.

40% cream available in 25-ton bulk shipments.


Whey or milk whey is the liquid by-product of cheesemaking. The liquid has a yellow-green colour and tastes slightly sour. Boasting a very high nutritional value, whey is used in many applications, such as baby and sports nutrition and feed for veal calves.

You can order these whey derivatives from us:

  • Whey concentrate (30% dry matter)
  • WPC25 or WPC35 concentrate (30% dry matter)
  • Whey permeate concentrate (30% dry matter)

These products are available in various qualities. We also offer kosher and halal-certified whey ingredients (no additives).

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Our Research & Development department always has a finger on the pulse of new market trends. The combined expertise of our R&D team, coupled with the market knowledge of our sales and marketing team, allows us to guarantee a customer-oriented approach to new product development.

The Milcobel Chair on Dairy Research, a joint effort with the University of Ghent, is proving a formidable research centre. Harnessing the power of fundamental research, we incorporate new insights into our dairy applications, ensuring our customers get to enjoy a range with a taste for the future. 


It goes without saying that our milk meets international quality standards. At Milcobel Premium Ingredients, we are well-known for the consistent quality of our products. A vital asset, and very much appreciated by our customers.


Milcobel Mozzarella

Potato Frittata


Milcobel Mozzarella



Milcobel Mozzarella

Meatball Appetizers


Salmon with Mozzarella and Fennel

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Are you a passionate dairy farmer?

Milcobel is a warm cooperative with respect for its members’ diversity. Our dairy farmers are the heart of our cooperative. Through dialogue and cooperation, we are building a sustainable future for dairy farming together. A future you can be part of. Are you a dairy farmer working in Belgium, the Netherlands of Northern France and are you interested? Get in touch with us now.

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Milcobel is your partner for premium quality dairy products. We deliver B-to-B to retailers, hotels, restaurants, cafés, food services and food producers. Are you interested in consumer cheeses, ingredient cheese, butter, cream, milk powder, whey, or ice cream? Our teams would love to hear from you.