Preparations for VLOG milk collection kicked off

Milcobel is looking to organise a separate milk collection run for VLOG milk. The VLOG abbreviation stands for Verband Lebensmittel ohne Gentechnik. This is the German organisation responsible for GMO-free milk.

Dairy farmers who are looking to respond to this trend will have to remove soy bean import from their cows’ animal feed, and replace it with GMO-free soy or other plant protein.

The Milcobel team has started organising a survey with our dairy farmer members to gauge their interest in this approach. We are also using the survey as a chance to get to know our members better. We want to get a view on the sustainability measures they are currently taking and also map the differences in milk production to capitalise on this through separate milk flows.

We aim to finish the organisation of the collection rounds’ logistics by the end of 2019 in order for VLOG milk to be processed in end products.

Our VLOG milk will be processed mainly in consumer cheeses. It is of prime importance to our members that all measurable additional costs that arise out of the elimination of GMO soy from cow feed will be compensated appropriately.

Animal feed companies have already responded to this trend of GMO-free feed. As a result, there is already concentrated feed on the market that uses GMO-free soya sourced from the Donau region (Germany) and rapeseed (scrap) from the local Belgian market. Soya proteins can also be replaced by cultivation of vegetable protein, grass and clover.

Together with our member survey, we will start the registration period for dairy farmer members who used outdoor grazing in 2019. This trend has made its way into a decision-making factor for retailers. Milcobel considers this to be a positive trend for the dairy market. At the same time, the cooperative also wants to stress the importance of the creation of separate milk flows after intensive consultations with the member structures. The decision to participate always has to be in the hands of our individual dairy farmers.

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