Our Belgian Gouda available at Carrefour

To fully tap into market demands, Milcobel is looking more and more at sustainable and high-quality milk with its members. This specifically produced milk will be used in the CPS (Consumer Products & Service) business unit to generate a more diverse offering of Drinks & Consumer Cheeses. “This allows us to increase our milk valorisation,” says Eddy Leloup (Coop Affairs Director).

This has led to a first result: Belgian supermarket brand Carrefour has recently started offering our Belgian Gouda. “This Belgian Gouda Cheese was developed especially for Carrefour and is produced using milk from a small, selected range of dairy farm members who place particular emphasis on sustainability and animal welfare,” says Pascale Van Leeuwen (Group Marketing Manager). “This focus, together with the fact that Milcobel uses sustainable production techniques to save as much water and energy, just to give an example, is a perfect fit for our sustainability quality label at Carrefour,” adds Kevin Knop (Cheese Category Manager at Carrefour). “On top of that, all production is organised according to traditional, artisan methods – a winning combination!”

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