New campaign for Brugge Cheese

One of the objectives of the CPS (Consumer Products & Service) business unit for 2019 is to further strengthen our number one position and growth of Brugge Cheese on the local Belgian market. “We want to elevate our brand to a higher level and build more of a relationship with our fans,” says Charlotte Van Vlierberghe (Brugge Cheese Brand Manager).

Van Vlierberghe initiated a new campaign for Brugge Cheese and is currently coordinating its further roll-out. ‘This campaign is focused on the strong, distinctive flavours of Brugge Cheeses (d’Or, Oud & Blomme) and the emotions they evoke. After all, flavours you enjoy every day bring a touch of character to your life. Through our campaign we invite everyone to taste more, enjoy more and further spice up your life.”

The campaign will be launched on Belgian television on 15 April. Over the course of the coming year, the three different variations of Brugge Cheese will be showcased on television, radio, social media and at summer events. Wondering about the TV commercials? You can find a small preview on YouTube!

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