High-level visit to Milcobel CVBA

On Tuesday 3 April, former Belgian Deputy Prime Minister Jan Jambon and his colleague Matthias Diependaele paid a visit to our premises in Kallo. Dirk Ryckaert (the Board of Directors chairman) and Peter Koopmans (CEO) welcomed them and expanded on Milcobel and the industry.

“We place great importance on entering into a dialogue with opinion makers and policy makers,” said Eddy Leloup (Coop Affairs & Milk Supply Director). “This allows us to highlight Milcobel’s wide range of efforts in different fields, such as employment, education, healthy eating and sustainability.”

Both the former Deputy Prime Minister and parliamentary party chairman Diependaele were impressed with the tour. “Milcobel proves that the agriculture sector can deliver on its ambitions concerning innovation and sustainability, in the process profiling itself as an important economic player – both nationally and internationally.” We are pleased with such a nice compliment!

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