Flemish Government minister Hilde Crevits visits Milcobel

On Tuesday, the Flemish Government’s education minister, Hilde Crevits, visited the Milcobel cheese factory in Moorslede, West Flanders.

During the visit, the topics of innovation and dual learning were discussed. The minister was also given an extended tour. The entire production process, from raw milk to delicious cheese, was covered. The production factory of Moorslede is home to the famous Brugge cheeses, including one of the minister’s favourites: Brugse Blomme. It also produces a variety of abbey and beer cheeses for home brands of supermarkets.

Milcobel allocates 10 million euros every year for R&D of new food products and production processes. “This fact deserves to be highlighted. This is not only to do with production, but also with animal welfare and taking sustainable, eco-friendly measures,” said Crevits. “The same applies to the farmers. Innovative techniques allow for an improved yield per cow, reducing the livestock population and making farming more sustainable in the process.”

The education minister also stressed the importance of dual learning. “The labour market shortage makes it difficult to find the right profiles in this region – both for farming as well as more technically qualified jobs. That is why we can start a sustainable dual learning project here, so young people can get to know the company and grow within the organisation,” she said. The Milcobel cheese factory in Moorslede currently has 40 open positions.

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