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Milcobel sells dairy ingredients in over 100 countries. Milcobel is specialised in research and development, production, sales and marketing and customer support of dairy ingredients for the international food and drink industry.

Our dairy ingredients have the highest nutritional, sensory and functional quality for the specific applications of our customers. Our R&D department oversees the development of new qualities and applications.

Our most important ingredients:

Cheese ingredients

Milcobel is one of Europe’s most important providers of mozzarella for pizza or slices.
Mozzarella is a fresh, semi-soft cheese that has its roots in Italy. It is sometimes referred to as a ‘pasta filata’ or stretched- curd cheese, a technique where the cheese undergoes a kneading treatment in boiling water. This gives the cheese its typical, fibrous structure when heated.

Milcobel mozzarella is made from high-quality, pure cow milk. It has a soft, sublime flavour, reminiscent of fresh milk, and it has excellent grating and baking properties. On pizza, our mozzarella melts nicely and changes its colour into an appealing light-brown shade.

Other than mozzarella, Milcobel also offers a delicious cheddar cheese, both grated and sliced. Cheddar is an off-white to orange-coloured cheese with a slightly tangy taste. It is an excellent addition to many dishes, ranging from gratin to tacos.

With our subsidiary Kaasbrik we have been able to further specialize in the grating of mozzarella and other cheeses. Over the past 30 years Kaasbrik has positioned itself as a specialist with a strong market position in the grating of mozzarella. In addition, we also offer specialization in the grating, packaging and marketing of other hard and semi-hard cheeses (including cheddar, emmental, etc.) for the professional B-B market. Thanks to our extensive expertise in mozzarella and our tailor-made and flexible solutions in terms of cuts, packaging, baking properties, formats and price, we can offer our customers various solutions according to their wishes and specifications. Some of our well-known grating brands are Kaasbrik and Pizzaiolo. (More info on the Kaasbrik website)


  • Mozzarella blocks (loaves) of 2.5 kg. In film, per 4 blocks (multi-loaf) or per single block (single-loaf). In cardboard per 8 blocks (2 multi-loaves or 8 single-loaves.
  • Grated mozzarella in plastic bags of 500 g, 1 kg, 2 kg or 4 kg.

Milk powder

Milcobel is renowned for its supply of high-quality milk powders. Our production sites in Kallo and Langemark process the fresh milk of our suppliers into a range of different milk powders. Our Milcobel powdered milk is ideal for use in chocolate, recombining, dairy and the baby food market. Next to whole milk powder and skimmed milk powder, we also produce ‘fat filled’ powders. Our consistent high level of quality, functionality of our products and corresponding service make all the difference to our clients. Milcobel also produces milk powders according to client specifications for dry blends in the baby food sector.


  • Milk powder in 25 kg bags or big bags.
  • Milk powder in bulk tankers.
  • Full range of containers and sachets in consumer packaging.


Our butterfat-based ingredients (butter or cream) can be used in bakeries or for preparing chocolate, biscuits, ice cream, cheese, potato dishes (e.g. mashed potatoes) and ready meals. Other applications in the dairy industry are also possible.

Milcobel can supply summer and winter butter, depending on the season. We also offer sour, sweet, unsalted and salted butter.

Good to know: our butter is a Northern European butter with a slightly denser structure.


  • 25 kg butter in cardboard with blue PE-liner.
  • 40% cream, available in 25-tonne bulk deliveries.


Whey is the liquid that forms as a byproduct of the manufacture of cheese. This liquid has a yellow-green colour and a slightly sour taste. Whey has a very high nutritional value and is used in a number of applications.

Milcobel offers the following whey derivatives:

  • Whey concentrate (30% dry matter)
  • WPC25 or WPC35 concentrate (30% dry matter)
  • Whey permeate concentrate (30% dry matter)

We offer these products in different quality categories. We also have kosher and halal-certified whey ingredients (without additives).

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