Consumer Products & Services

Consumer Products & Services (CPS) is a key business unit of Milcobel. CPS is responsible for processing, production and commercialisation of milk and dairy products aimed at the consumer market.

Our client portfolio ranges from domestic and international retailers to local specialty shops.

Our brands include household names like Brugge Cheese, as well as a wide variety of different brands. We also produce private label products.

Consumer Products & Services processes over 300 million litres of milk annually. This milk is used to produce and market up to 20 million kilograms of cheese for consumers. In addition to production, this business unit is also responsible for slicing, packaging and distribution to the domestic market and abroad.

The CPS business unit is also a true cheese expert, acting as a distributor for a wide range of cheese.


Central and strategic location

Consumer Products & Services has locations in Bruges and Moorslede. This strong local anchoring in the province of West Flanders implies a strategic base for both local and international commercialisation of products. This also means we can stay close to our dairy producers.


Some of our leading brands include Brugge Cheese and Nazareth Cheese. A significant volume of our milk supply is also sold by leading supermarket chains under their own brands.

Dupont Cheese

Whether you are running a specialty cheese shop or are active in the retail or food catering industry: our passion for cheese is what unites us. Our master cheese-makers produce a delicious selection of high-quality cheeses from all over Europe. This way, you can choose with confidence – time and time again.

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