Social Involvement

Our cooperative is closely involved with the society we live and work in, and we care about the well-being of our employees and the people around us. As a cooperative, we commit to connecting and looking after each other.

Charity work

We support a variety of charities throughout the year. Our employees chose the Kinderkankerfonds (the children’s cancer fund in Belgium) as their favourite charity. Throughout the year, both the organisation as well we organise a variety of both small and large events to support this charity.

We take part in Youth for Climate and Action and the YOUCA Action Day, an event that lets 15,000 Belgian young people work in a company for a day. Their salary is donated to a charity in Belgium or abroad.

Next to financial initiatives, we also cater to material needs. We organise food bank donations, provide a minivan to the OCMW/CPAS (the Public Centre for Social Welfare in Belgium) and provide discounts to organisations in our cheese shop in Moorslede.

Education and talent development

Education and talent development is important to us at Milcobel. We offer learning moments to everyone: children, youngsters, recent graduates and our employees.

Students and young graduates

At Milcobel, we offer young potentials the chance to carry out additional research related to their thesis. They are also provided with the opportunity to gain work experience at different departments during the two-year Young Graduate learning track, guided by an internal coach. We also offer interview training and support.

Educational projects

We use our Melk4Kids initiative to support educational tours for school children at our farms. Milcobel also launched the ‘Wondrous World of Milk’ educational project, aimed at teaching children about dairy. In addition, primary schools can earn ‘milk points’, which can be exchanged for educational materials.

Our facilities in Langemark and Moorslede take part in Technoboost, a project that promotes STEM education with young people and their parents, and which informs them about the industrial sector and related job opportunities.

We also make our companies available for educational tours, for example at the biannual Open Bedrijvendag or Open Companies Day, organised by VOKA (Flanders’ Chamber of Commerce and Industry). Using the name ‘Mood for Food’, we organise workshops for final-year students to promote careers in the food industry.

Focus on our employees

Training for our employees – ‘Everyone learns’

We provide all our employees with the opportunity to sign up for training and courses, focusing on both soft and hard skills.


We use the MilcobelRUN in Langemark to raise money for Milcobel’s social fund. We use this fund to support employees in case of long-term illness, a new-born baby, weddings,…

Employee Wellbeing

Employee wellbeing is very important to us. That is why Milcobel appointed a wellbeing manager to ensure our employees feel happy, motivated and involved. We take both the physical and mental health of our employees seriously.

Focus on our dairy farmers

Dag van de Landbouw

Every year, the Belgian Boerenbond – the professional organisation of farmers in Flanders – organises Dag van de Landbouw (Agriculture Day). On that day, our dairy farmers provide a look behind the scenes of their dairy farm and they show what modern techniques and applications are used regarding the environment and animal welfare.

Youth Day

Feeding an ever-increasing population provides many opportunities for our young dairy farmers. They are the key to the future of a sustainable dairy sector. That is why Milcobel organises its annual Youth Day, aimed at putting our young dairy farmers in the spotlight.

Women’s Day

On Women’s Day, we honour on the women behind our dairy farmers. We use the opportunity to acknowledge their efforts and show that we fully support them.
In addition to their duties at the dairy farm, they often have other employments. They are an indispensable component in the success story of our dairy farms.

Diversity and Inclusion

A diverse and inclusive work environment

  • We offer a collaborative, supportive and respectful working environment where all employees are involved and engaged.
  • We offer equal employment opportunities and remuneration for women and men.
  • We cherish the diversity of the 37 nationalities who work in our company.
  • We do not discriminate based on religion, gender, age, disability, ethnicity or sexual preference.


We support the ‘Handicap en Arbeid’ (Handicap and Work) organisation and we participate in their DUOday event. During this event, we invite people with a physical or mental disability to spend the day together with one of our employees. This allows them to discover their own potential and to get acquainted with working.

Cooperation with sheltered workshops

Our factories provide work to people with mental disabilities who are at a disadvantage in the labour market. They receive support and coaching, whilst leaving enough room to let them function independently within the organisation.

Certain packaging tasks and maintenance of green spaces is carried out by sheltered workshops who employ persons with mental disabilities.

Positive contribution to communities in developing countries

VN Global Compact

We are a member of the UN Global Compact pact and we are committed to applying the sustainable and socially responsible policy, guided by the 10 principles. We support their UNRWA Initiative.

Cape Verde

Milcobel sponsors two organisations in Cape Verde:
Donata, which supports underprivileged children
Sporting Praia Football Club, which organises regular football open days to introduce street children to football.


We delivered used packaging materials to a small startup company in Mali, to help their initiative of organising a repackaging business and support local employment. Today, the business runs independently.

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