Milcobel is the largest dairy-processing organisation with cooperative shareholdership in Belgium. Our employees process the milk from our dairy farm members into a wide range of high-quality and nutritious products for consumers and clients across the globe. We focus on different niches where we are (or aim to be) in a leading position.

The cooperative as the third way

Milcobel opts for the cooperative model as the third way, as an alternative to private enterprise or government models. Our cooperative is committed 100% to collaboration and connection. This increases the strength, identity and uniqueness of our dairy farmers. We respect and valorize the diversity and the family nature of all of our dairy farmers in our cooperative. Our organisation combines their strengths and ensures added value that benefits all our members. In a cooperative, we all take care of each other, whilst respecting people, animals and the environment. We also build bridges to consumers and their needs and to stakeholders and their interests. Consultation and dialogue are our trademarks.

Our relationship with our 2,600 dairy farmers and their families is fourfold.

  • Transactional: The supply and purchase of milk. We aim for sustainable sales of our milk in Belgium, Europe and the rest of the world. We guarantee the purchase from our farmers at a market-rate price for our dairy farmer members. We build long-term relationships.
  • Shareholdership: our dairy farm members do not simply supply milk; they are also shareholders of the cooperative. The added value and profits we create, flow back to the dairy farmer members.
  • Joint management of the cooperative, based on strong solidarity, participation and dialogue with our dairy farmers. This leads to democratic decision-making.
  • Common objective: To valorise our milk in a sustainable way, whilst respecting every individual and each other.
Our organisation employs 2,000 people across 7 locations in Belgium and France: Kallo, Langemark, Moorslede, Brugge, Schoten, Barchon and Argentan. They are in charge of the collection, processing and commercialisation of our dairy farmer members’ milk. They make high-quality dairy products, such as cheese, butter, milk powder, ice cream, milk drinks, cream and whey, which all preserve the natural power of milk. Next to own brands (including Brugge Cheese, Nazareth and Inza milk) and private label consumer products for major supermarket chains, Milcobel produces raw materials and ingredients for the food industry (e.g. mozzarella and milk powder).
In 2018, Milcobel processed 1.8 billion litres of milk – 1.6 of which originated from our own dairy farmer members. This volume of milk corresponds with 40% of the entire milk production in Belgium. With a 1.26 billion euros in turnover for 2018, we are one of only 36 Belgian companies who realise more than 1 billion in turnover annually. Milcobel is an authentic Belgian company with global ambitions that serves customers in over 100 countries. We commit to maintaining the dairy sector and dairy processing in Belgium.

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