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Dairy as part of a balanced diet

Milk and dairy products are part of a balanced diet. They are rich in essential nutrients that are key for the functioning of the human body and contribute to our health. Milk contains all essential amino acids (the building blocks of proteins), calcium and other minerals, vitamin B12 and B2, a good balance between calcium and phosphorus, and high-quality proteins. These nutrients are easily absorbed by our bodies.

Our craftsmanship enables us to produce dairy products that are authentic, nutritious, high-quality and delicious. It is our mission to achieve maximum valorisation of milk and dairy products and to make sure that consumers worldwide can enjoy the advantages of nutritious dairy. We use complete chain monitoring, from cow to customer. This enables us to offer a high-quality and diverse range of milk and dairy products to our customers and consumers.

Premium-quality dairy starts with our dairy farmers

Quality and food safety are our top priorities. This starts with the most important raw material: our milk. We work closely together with our dairy farms, large and small, to guarantee the quality of our milk. The focus lies on maintaining high nutritional value.

All our dairy farmer members are IKM-certified (IKM stands for Integrale Kwaliteitszorg Melk or DQA, the official Dairy Quality Assurance Scheme). In addition, Milcobel uses a sustainability monitor to follow the progress of the efforts our members are undertaking to create an environment that supports the production of best-quality milk.

The milk that enters our factories has been tested 100% to detect traces of antibiotics. All milk that is collected from our members’ farms, is tested for antibiotics residues. In case a cow gets sick, this is closely monitored and documented by our dairy farmers and the milk from this cow is excluded from use for further processing.

Top-quality dairy during processing

The excellent quality of the collected milk is preserved to the maximum extent possible during a meticulous production process on all our sites, so all nutrients are retained in the end product. We aim to maintain the natural character of our products and provide full transparency as to the ingredients we use.

We bring to the market a range of products – to everyone’s taste. Special attention goes to light products and low-salt cheeses, and lactose-free milk and milk-drinks next to the range of semi-skimmed and skimmed milk.

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