About Milcobel

About Milcobel

Milcobel is a cooperative that collects, processes and commercialises the milk of 2.400 dairy farms. Our dairy farm members and employees work hard every day to realise a guaranteed milk collection with the best possible milk valorisation.

The result of our cooperative model is a fair milk price for all our affiliated dairy farm members. Milcobel stands for transparency, reliability and sustainability. We want to engage every link of the dairy chain, from collection to commercialisation.

Our business units

  • Dairy Premium Ingredients

Milcobel specialises in research & development, production, sales & marketing and customer support of dairy ingredients for the global food and drink industry.

  • Consumer Products & Services

Consumer products & Services is responsible for processing, production and commercialisation of milk and dairy products oriented towards the consumer market. Top quality and taste, under our own brands or house brands for supermarket chains. Moreover, we are experts in cheese import and distribution.

  • Ysco
    Ice Cream

Ysco is an independent subsidiary of Milcobel. Ysco produces ice cream for home brands of Europe’s largest supermarket chains. Quality, service, sustainability, automation and innovation are always key.

Our Purpose

We strive for a Belgian dairy sector and dairy cooperative that operates sustainably in harmony with society. 
That is fairly rewarded and appreciated for it.
Locally and internationally.

We guarantee the processing of our members’ milk and we develop, produce and market dairy products with the aim of providing all our members, and therefore the entire dairy farm sector in Belgium, a long-term perspective.

Our history

How it started
on 1 June 1906
The farmers guild ‘Helpt malkaar’ (Help each other) in Langemark (West Flanders) establishes the cooperative society ‘Melkerij St. Paulus’ (St. Paul’s Dairy). Their tagline reads ‘Voor endoor de Boeren’ (By and for the Farmers), and the main aim of the cooperative is formulated as follows: “To use the dairy farm to sell milk, its (processed) products, and all other products that could be related directly or indirectly with a dairy farm.”
Establishment of Milcobel
Milcobel was founded on 8 November 2004, as a result of the merger plans of two cooperatives: BZU melkaanvoer cvba and cvba Belgomilk.
On 1 January 2005, Milcobel starts to act as the milk purchaser for the members of these two dairy cooperatives. On 16 May 2005, the merger is approved by both extraordinary general meetings of their respective cooperatives. This means that all dairy farm members of BZU melkaanvoer and Belgomilk are now members of Milcobel.

Milcobel is all about milk.
Including our core values.

Make it happen

We always want to do better. That is why we have to take things up with each other.
Show ambition, push the boundaries, overcome challenges and stay the course we planned. Being ambitious means leading the way.


Integrity is about being honest with yourself and with others. It’s about being transparent, including about things that might be less comfortable to hear or say. Do what you say, and say what you do. Integrity, ethics and fairness. Integrity requires courage.


It is crucial to stay loyal to policy, standards, procedures and agreements within our organisation. Putting the collective interest above the individual interest. Togetherness, professional courtesy and teamwork. Being a member of a cooperative calls for loyalty as the quintessential form of honesty towards other members.

Knowledge and know-how

We strive for the highest quality in our products and service. Professionalism, competency, performance, customer focus. Being able to guarantee quality shows loyalty towards the customer.

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